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I'm married to my college sweetheart who after nearly two decades still makes me swoon, and full out belly laugh, like nobody else can.  My absolute favorite thing is doing life with him and raising our three sons together. Yes, three boys. That means life is always loud, dirt is always plentiful, and adventure is always a good idea.

I'm a Georgia girl living in the sunshine state where God moved us to in 2017. I was born and raised just outside Atlanta, met my husband in Augusta, and we spent 17 amazing years in the greatest city on earth, Athens (Go, Dawgs!). 

Regardless of where I live though, the mission behind the Amber Mangle Designs brand is the same as it was when I launched it in 2009 - to provide classic and stylish designs for women to effortlessly celebrate others, share their life, and love on their people well.

I have a heart for encouraging other women, loving on them and seeing them succeed. My purpose behind designing classic and stylish invitations, colorful stationery, and meaningful gifts, is the ability to serve these women in their moment of need - whether it be an invitation for a bridal shower they are hosting honoring their lifelong best friend’s daughter, or a personalized “from the mom of” notepad that helps ease her morning stress level, or a thoughtful set of custom stationery to gift to a sweet friend at church. Simply put, designing colorful and pretty items that help another woman fulfills me!

COLOR - it's my jam

My love for design, combining colors and patterns is the result of me growing up in and spending so much time at my family's store where we sold high-end furniture, home decor and gifts. As a little girl I loved flipping through the upholstery fabric sample books, and envisioning “new clothes” for furniture pieces. As I got older I learned about different styles, how to combine them, and create a balanced design. By the time I was in high school I attended the Atlanta Mart, and honed "my eye" for design and helped select new gift and home decor items for the store's upcoming year.

AMD Striped Happy Notepad Yellow
Amber Mangle Designs

The leap to paper design and the birth of what is now Amber Mangle Designs came quite sometime later in 2009 when I was well established in the communications and graphic design world, and a dear friend asked me to design a baby shower invitation for a mutual friend of ours. From there other opportunities to design for others presented themselves and I was completely smitten with the idea of being able to do what I love!

I would be thrilled to design something classic and stylish to help you celebrate others, share your life or love on your people!